Don’s Courses

Fall 2018

BOT/ENVST/FWE/ZOO 651 – Conservation Biology

Description: We are now in the midst of the 6th greatest extinction event of all time. Conservation biology exists as a “crisis discipline” to identify and cope with the several forces threatening biodiversity.  To address these challenges, we need excellent science, effective ways to engage and motivate the public, and laws and policies designed to protect native species and the habitats they depend on.  In this course, we focus mainly on the science, but confront broader social and policy issues as they arise. Course includes at least one field trip to local conservation sites.

BOT 575/PLANT PATH 375/875 – Tropical & Midwest Agriculture & Conservation

Description: Must agriculture compete with and displace natural habitats and wildlife? Food security, agricultural productivity, and conserving habitats and species are key problems in many tropical countries seeking to develop. They are also central issues in the midwestern U.S. This course will explore similarities and differences in ways that Guatemala and Wisconsin try to enhance their agricultural productivity while sustaining the ecological health of their lands, waters, and wildlife. Students in this small (~14 student) class will work together in teams with a matching class in Guatemala to develop background materials (briefing papers, videos, etc.) to explain these issues. We’ll then join up for a 2-week trip through Guatemala to explore and discuss how cultural, economic, and political forces are shaping approaches to agriculture and conservation in the two countries.
Note: This course centers around a ~13-day field trip to the agricultural fields and natural habitats of Guatemala sometime between January 5-20, 2019 and includes a required field trip to Northern Wisconsin September 21-23, 2018. Course costs are significantly subsidized but required a per student fee of ~$800 (some scholarships are available). Spanish language skills are useful but not required.

Spring 2019

ANTHRO/BOT/ZOO 410 – Evolutionary Biology