Jared Beck


PhD Botany (expected 2020) – University of Wisconsin-Madison.

BA Biology (2014) – Carleton College.

Curriculum Vitae:

Beck CV

Research Interests:

I am an evolutionary ecologist with broad interests in population biology, community ecology, and conservation biology. My research focuses on understanding the factors that control the distribution, abundance, and diversity of plant species. For my PhD, I am exploring patterns and drivers of long-term ecological change in Wisconsin plant communities as well as the potential for natural enemies to maintain herbaceous plant diversity in temperate forests.

Personal Interests:

I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, canoeing, botanizing, birding, and generally exploring the natural world. My fascination with ducks and salamanders borders on obsession.

Contact Info:

jbeck6@wisc.edu | 430 Lincoln Drive | Madison, WI 53706


Beck, J., D. Hernández, J. Pasari, & E. Zavaleta. 2015. Grazing maintains native plant diversity and promotes community stability in an annual grassland. Ecological Applications 25:1259-1270.

Beck, J., M. McKone, & O. McMurtrey. 2016. Edge effects and avian community structure in a restored tallgrass prairie. Natural Areas Journal 36:328-333.

Beck, J., B. Larget, & D. Waller. Phantom species: Adjusting colonization and extinction rates for pseudo-turnover. Oikos. In press.

Wagenius, S., J. Beck & G. Kiefer. Burning for a mate: Fire synchronizes flowering and boosts reproduction in a declining prairie species. In review.