Dimensions of Biodiversity Project

An integrated project to investigate how functional, phylogenetic, and genetic diversity interact to structure and sustain plant communities (with Ken Cameron, Ken Sytsma, and Tom Givnish)

Plant Functional Traits

How do plant traits affect their likelihood of occupying different habitats and how they respond to deer browsing, climate change, and habitat fragmentation?

Weedy plant invasions

What are the causes and consequences of weedy plant invasions into temperate forest communities?

Long-term Ecological Change

How are temperate forests and grasslands changing? How do local site and surrounding landscape factors affect patterns of species loss, exotic species invasion, and biotic homogenization?

Deer browsing

How are white-tailed deer affecting patterns of forest regeneration and understory plant diversity in Midwestern forests?

Risks to Small Populations

Small populations risk losing demographic viability and genetic diversity particularly as climates change and habitats become more fragmented. Can we predict these risks? How can we best sustain populations?